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This platform aims to connect guests with hosts worldwide who are offering Shabbos meals. It’s a wonderful way to experience the warmth of Shabbat hospitality wherever you are.

Use the search feature to browse available hosts in your desired location. You can specify your preferences and find hosts who are welcoming guests for Shabbat.

When you find a host you’d like to join for a Shabbos meal, submit a request for the specific date and time. Hosts will review requests and respond accordingly.

No, this platform is completely free for both hosts and guests. It’s about fostering connections and sharing the joy of Shabbat.

As a guest, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a warm Shabbos atmosphere with your host’s family or community. Be respectful and follow any guidelines they provide.

When creating your listing, provide details about the type of meal you’re offering, any dietary accommodations you can make, and any specific customs or traditions in your household.

Yes, you can message hosts to introduce yourself, discuss any dietary preferences, and ask questions about the meal or their household customs.

To become a host, create an account and provide details about your location and the meals you’re offering. This is a wonderful way to share the spirit of Shabbat with guests from around the world.

When you receive a guest request for a Shabbos meal, you can review their profile and message them if needed. You have the flexibility to accept or decline requests based on availability.

No, listing your Shabbos meals on this platform is completely free. It’s all about creating connections and enhancing the Shabbat experience.

Absolutely, this platform encourages diversity and inclusivity. Hosting guests from various backgrounds can lead to meaningful interactions and shared experiences.

Life happens, and sometimes plans change. If you need to cancel hosting for a specific week, please notify the guest as soon as possible and offer any assistance you can in finding an alternative host.